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Cambria Slab Gallery


The Cambria Slab Gallery is designed for YOU …the designer, the dealer, contractor, and homeowner.  Touch, see, and feel the beauty of Cambria Natural Stone.


Our Story

In October of 2013, we opened the Cambria Gallery at 2109 S. Minnesota Avenue. This new location is home to 25 LARGE 12 ft slabs of Cambria. The decision to open up such a place, came from many years of previewing similar places in larger cities.  When the opportunity arose and a perfect space became available, we simply jumped at the chance to offer something of the same caliber, right here in Sioux Falls, SD. We previously held a couple shows a year, where Cambria had shipped in a semi truck load of slabs in to view out of our parking lot.  Now we have around 25 different designs on hand at all times at the Cambria Gallery. Not only are there large, 12ft slabs to see, we also carry smaller 12 inch square samples to help you with your exact design needs.


Meeting Place

Let us also mention that the Gallery is a perfect place to meet with your client.  We offer a luxurious, professional conference area in two different areas of the building. If the need arises, you may also schedule private showings of our product or private meetings at the gallery. Feel free to contact anyone at the Stone Center – three doors to the north – or call 605-362-5853 to schedule an appointment.  There is a calendar shown here to check availability and schedule your own meeting time.


Gallery’s Main Goal

Our goal is simple…to help you create the home of your dreams without compromising beauty or performance.  Your dream.  Your home.  Your life.  Why settle for anything less. The Cambria Slab Gallery – located at 2109 S. Minnesota Avenue.  Just three doors south of the Stone Center.